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Find out why parents are raving about the Sofee and kids can't get enough.

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The Inside Scoop About Sofee

When I launched Sofee, my dream 💭 was to provide busy families with a high-quality play sofa – that provided a screen-free alternative to inspire children’s creative play.

Fast forward and after months of prototyping, I feel I’ve made the ULTIMATE play sofa. Sleek and stylish for parents, hard-wearing and sturdy for children.

Read more about my journey developing Sofee. 

Sofee's Story


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Reviews - by REAL Humans!

We have our OWN soft play’ - Albert’s words when our play sofa from @mysofee arrived. They haven’t stopped playing on it since it got here. It’s absolutely brilliant, and helps burn their endless energy 🙌🙌🙌

Karla Pearson

The best piece of childrens’ furniture you will ever own! Our kids wouldn’t ever be without ours - they watch tv sitting on it, construct castles, dens and hideaways under it, and turn it into all kinds of obstacle courses jumping, sliding and rolling over it! The high quality materials and manufacturing mean it’s also standing the test of time from serious rough and tumble from our two little boys and their friends

Adam Marsh

Spongy magic ✨ Such a simple design but they spend hours coming up with so many creative games, constructions and designs with it.

Andy Chambers

Sofee is without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever bought my son. He has everything (literally) and Sofee he doesn’t go a moment without. We have built every sort of den and fort imaginable and we’ve used it as a bed for our movies and even as a set of goals. We’ve only had it since Christmas and I’m considering another! It’s so much fun. It’s also brought his other toys to life, he uses Sofee as play-mat for everything else.

Deirdre Lawlor

We have had the Sofee for nearly a fortnight now and it’s been played with every day! We’ve built forts, dens, obstacle courses, slides and comfy places to chill out on after. I’m so impressed with how versatile it is. Not only something to play with but a sofa for the kids a spare bed sometimes and occasionally crash mat for jumping on. My two boys of 4 and 2 have absolutely loved it! Highly recommended!

Fiona Farmer

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

Sarah Holman

The quality is amazing. Its the perfect balance, fits with our living room but also fun for the kids. We love it!

Shreena Kotecha

We have absolutely loved our Sofee and even in a short space of time had so many moments of pure joy. It is brilliant to just turn into a sofa at the end of the day and feel like you have an attractive seating addition to the sitting room rather than another kids toy.

Charlotte Macpherson

Cannot believe how much my two have enjoyed the Sofee! So open ended. We've had gross-motor obstacle and jumping courses, car racing ramps, reading nooks, fortresses, bed for sleepovers, you name it! Wonderful practice of collaboration, communication and turn-taking, too. They really can't get enough of it 🙌

Katherine Bryson

This is such a wonderful product, our children love their Sofee, the kids playroom was perpetually a series of slides, forts and general obstacles over Xmas and New Year! Thank you so much for getting it to us in time for the holidays Emily, you really went above and beyond!

Sam Howell


I have had the pleasure of watching my grandchildren pay on a Sofee (in UK) and a Nugget (in USA).
The children have fun on both products. However the Sofee is an overall better choice the following reasons:
1) The foam quality is superior with the Sofee, the 'builds" hold a lot better and the product is more durable. The foam used in the Sofee is more dense, like a quality memory foam mattress.
2) The fabric with the Sofee is excellent quality with a lovely "feel" to it. The material fits the foam pieces perfectly with no fabric wrinkling.
3) The zips are hidden behind a nicely designed flap, so no chance of getting a zip scratch injury.
I strongly recommend the Sofee, you won't be disappointed.

Virginia Gladwin

We absolutely love our sofee! It looks stylish and makes the coolest den for our son and his friends to play with. I’ve been so impressed by the craftsmanship of the play sofa and love the lava colour. It also works as a perfect bed for the kids’ sleepovers.

Leah Thomas

WHAT A PRODUCT! My two little humans have had such a wonderful time since our Sofee arrived, playing dens, climbing and sliding on it and snuggling on it under a blanket. Our friends with kids have all been so impressed and envious of it too! I can't wait to see what we build with it in 2022!

Mary Howell