About Sofee Play Sofa & Founder

I’m Emily, the founder of Sofee – the UK’s Play Sofa and mum to two little humans. As a parent, investing in my children’s development has always been my top priority and I strongly value creative play, movement to support development and learning through play. 

While searching for a UK play sofa, I was disappointed not to find any options available to me.

I desperately wanted something that would would challenge my children’s creativity and support active play, but also be versatile (and stylish) enough to have in my living room, either laid out as a sofa or stacked away in the corner. 

So I made one myself, and that's how the Sofee was born!

I consider myself both ecologically-conscious and ethically-aware, so I wanted to ensure that any product I brought onto the market would: 

  • Last a childhood (and beyond)

  • Support living wages

  • Be environmentally sustainable

And I'm delighted to say that the Sofee does just that! 

That’s why the Sofee is made right here in the UK. 

When you purchase a Sofee, you aren’t just supporting one UK independent business, you are supporting dozens of UK-based businesses – who all come together to create each Sofee and who share the business values that I hold dear. 

Sofee Ethos

I believe that there is more to a company than just its products. I value ethical and environmental practices in every aspect of the business.

I believe a top quality product is worth the investment, so I have worked hard to source the best materials at economical prices.

Reliable: If we say it, we’ll do it. Our play sofas won’t let you down.

Quality: A product that screams high quality. A clear notch above the rest.

Green: Respect your ‘Mother’ [earth]. 

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Playful: A company that is as playful as our sofas.


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