Find Out What Makes the Sofee So Unique

1 --> High Density Foam (commercial grade)

 🦾 Each piece is made with high density foam. It means there is more foam packed into each piece.

💪 Sofee foam is undoubtedly robust - and to quote a recent customer..........

🦾 Not all foam is equal. Cheaper foam can be made 'firm' using chemicals to make it harder. But over time it breaks down and you'll have floppy foam.

💪 Sofee is high density --> so you can actually climb on it! 

2 --> Fun Size

❤️ The Sofee is 170cm across, similar to the Nugget Couch in the USA.

🧡 The fun size means its better for dens, growing children and multiple children.

💛 The Sofee size makes two fantastic spare beds.


3 --> Made in the UK 🇬🇧

🌿 Being made in the UK is good for both you and Mother Earth. 🌍

🌱 The craftsmanship on the Sofee is incredible. Reinforced stitching, tight edges and the covers fit the foam like a glove. Its truly remarkable and undoubtedly British.

🌿 Being made in the UK has a huge impact on Sofee's sustainability score. Made in the UK using UK sourced materials, not in a factory aboard.

4 --> Liquid and Soil Resistant Covers

🤸‍♀️ The Sofee is made to be played on! So when accidents or grubby fingers happen, the stain it's easily removed with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

🧼 Sofee covers are removable for easy cleaning too.

🛋️ Made with microsuede fabric, similar to the Nugget Couch in the USA.

There is even more information about why Sofee is totally epic below


Sofee Covers

  • Liquid resistant covers, easy to clean
  • Removable covers
  • Microsuede fabric – soft, yet durable (40K rub count)
  • Handle on each piece, including wedges
  • Hidden ‘legal’ tags keep your furniture within regulations, yet stylish
  • Meets all UK regulations
  • Hidden zips 
  • Stylish, perfect for any room 
  • Made in the United Kingdom


About Sofee Covers

Both soft and thick, our durable covers are perfect for playing and lounging. And they are not made of your everyday, ordinary material! The robust microsuede fabric has a ‘rub count’ of 40K, and its unique anti-slip qualities mean that builds won’t slide and collapse – ensuring frustration-free play for your mini-builder. 

The Sofee is made right here in the UK and meets all UK regulations, so you can be sure it is the right product to bring into your home. Our uniquely designed pockets hide the 'legal' labels required on all UK furniture, providing you peace of mind without marring the sleek look of the Sofee. We have also designed our branded tags to be discreetly sewn flat, so they don’t get in the way during play. 


Each cover comes with hidden zippers and zip tags, meaning there is no danger of snags or scrapes to your little ones or your walls. The covers are removable and have liquid resistant properties for easy spot cleaning when necessary. 

Sofee Foam

  • Sturdiest foam on the market - ideal for growing or older children. 
  • Three different foam densities (soft-firm, medium-firm & extra-firm)
  • Each piece has a unique purpose
  • Made in the UK
  • Meets all UK regulations
  • Fitted with a stockinette liner for an extra layer of protection

    About Sofee Foam

    We source our foam directly from a manufacturer with over 70 years of experience right here in the UK.

    Each piece is fitted with a stockinette liner, which adds an extra layer of protection to your foam, but also assists in pulling on and off your covers with ease.  

    The foam complies with UK regulations and has undergone fire safety and poundage testing, so you know it’s safe and will last a childhood – or two!

    We have chosen three different foam densities for the Sofee to ensure that each piece is perfectly tailored for its own unique purpose.

    One Soft Topper

    The topper makes for a very comfy seat and is light enough for a child to lift to create a roof for a fort.

    We chose soft-firm for its comfortable feel and its lighter weight properties. But don’t underestimate this topper, it’s still strong and robust enough to provide a safe landing mat for epic jumps!

    One Robust Base

    The base forms the real foundation of the Sofee as a sofa and also ensures the stability of even the most intricate builds. It is robust enough to withstand enthusiastic climbing and exuberant bouncing, and won’t flop or collapse like traditional foam pieces.

    We chose medium-firm for its multi-use purpose and to provide a strong base layer to the sofa.


    Two Sturdy Wedges

    The wedges play an important part in builds. They can be the column for a fort, base of a spaceship or can simply be used as a comfortable backrest.

    Wedges need to be strong and very stable, and that’s why we chose extra-firm foam.


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